Smart Choice

Like FLO is consciously engaged in producing sustainable items. We select the most beautiful fabrics for our collections. Our collection is proof that hip and sustainable go together! You can recognize these items by the smart choice logo on the hang tag.

Because we care, Like FLO!

Tencell Lyocell

Like Flo consciously chooses certain styles in Tencell Lyocell. This fabric is durable and has a nice supple drape. It is not only hip, but also sustainable. We deliberately chose this material because of its positive footprint. Did you know that there are no CO2 emissions during production and it uses much less water than, for example, cotton production? These items therefore receive our Smart Choice label.

Recycled material

We care about our planet and select only the best fabrics for our collection. To reduce waste, we use recycled material for the majority of our winter jackets. The beautiful and sturdy fabric is retained. Not only fashionable, but also a smart choice.

Sustainable design

Designer Moniek Veldt: “The textile business, of which clothing is a large part, is one of the most polluting players in the world, so it is very important to make it more sustainable. There is also a lot going on in terms of government legislation. This has an impact on the design and making of the collections – on the choice of your fabrics and actually the entire process afterwards.

“We select materials that are the most durable, but are also flexible and strong, fit comfortably and can withstand washing, because they are children's clothing. We want to be able to add more smart choices to our collection every season.”

Brand Manager Hiske Lohle: Lohle: “When you are traveling with suppliers. For example, they still have some fabrics in the warehouse that fit very well in our collection in terms of color and you immediately start thinking: what can we do with this? – not only to use up the fabric, but what are we going to make of it so that it also becomes a really cool article?”

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